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Vintage Coins of Hawaii

Under the reign of King Kamehaheha III in 1847, the Kingdom of Hawaii introduced its first official coinage, a large one-cent copper penny, to relieve the shortage of small denomination coins circulating in the Hawaiian Islands.

The next, and last official coinage of the Hawaiian Islands was minted in 1883, by King Kalākaua I, when silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars were issued. However, in the intervening time, the changing needs of the Hawaiian Islands were met by circulating private-issued tokens and United States coins. The private-issued tokens were struck starting in 1860 and circulated widely until the end of the century.

The Kingdom of Hawaii coins lost their legal tender status in 1900 when Hawaii became a territory of the United States of America. Use the pages on this website to read more about specific coins from Hawaii!

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